Conditioning Evergreen Foliage

This afternoon, Anne Madden gave me some wonderful variegated Euonymus to use in my program for Homeland Garden Club on Monday. Anne's shrub grows in her front yard, in shade, and is marked with white instead of yellow. She waits to prune it for shape until this time of year because it is so beautiful in garlands and wreaths. Anne also gave me some Japanese Yew, Gold-Dust Acuba, and Ilex crestata (Japanese Holly).

I've brought the clippings home and submerged them in a tub of warm water, clipping their cut ends once again under the surface. Soaking them overnight will let them take up lots of water. I will probably drain and pick them over before church tomorrow, unless they are going to start looking waterlogged. You have to take them up and stand them with just their stems in warm nutrient solution BEFORE they get soggy, not after. The Euonymus is not as tough as the other foliage I have, so it will come out in the morning. The others can wait until after church.

Tomorrow, I will gather English Box and Ilex verticillata (Winterberry) for the program, too.