Garden to Table

Welcome to Garden to Table!

I'm Connie Hoge, and this is my website for sharing news and ideas about gardening, landscaping, flower shows, cooking, and entertaining. Let me tell you a little bit about myself ...

I was raised on a farm in Illinois, earned a degree in audio production from Indiana University, and worked as a recording engineer in Nashville. After a career change, I wound up as Director of the Cooking School at the Williams-Sonoma store in Costa Mesa, California. I now live in Maryland. For several years, I operated a personal chef business which has grown to be Garden to Table.

I'm a Master Gardener, a Flower Show Judge, and a Certified Landscape Consultant; President of our county's
Forestry Board; and a lapsed beekeeper.

The sidebar contains links to the site's topics. The Blog link will take you to my most recent musings and the latest news.

The picture below is the view out my front door on a rainy November morning.